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Configuration - UI

Configuration properties from .env file used by Origin UI

Property Example value Additional description
MODE dev
BACKEND_URL http://localhost
UI_BASE_URL http://localhost:3000
WEB3 http://localhost:8545
BLOCKCHAIN_EXPLORER_URL URL of service allowing to examine blockchain transactions from the platform
REGISTRATION_MESSAGE_TO_SIGN I register as Origin user Registration message used by Metamask
EXCHANGE_WALLET_PUB Public key of wallet Public key for platform's exchange wallet
DISABLED_UI_FEATURES DevicesImport;IRecUIApp All available feature flags are listed in @energyweb/utils-general package as OriginFeature enum.
DEVICE_PROPERTIES_ENABLED GRID_OPERATOR,LOCATION Parts of device data that are used for creating and filtering devices. Used by DeviceSelectors component
ISSUER_ID Issuer ID Identifier for Issuer-specific devices
SMART_METER_ID Smart Meter Readings API ID Identifier for smart meter connected to device
MARKET_UTC_OFFSET 420 UTC offset for keeping precise time of trade in market timezone
DEFAULT_ENERGY_IN_BASE_UNIT 1 Default amount of energy in platform's energy unit
GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY API_KEY Used for displaying device location on map
SINGLE_ACCOUNT_MODE false Specifies the allowance for users to select between Trade Accounts on device creation and certificate request