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All Devices

UI Components

This view provides a tile view of all devices registered within a marketplace:

All Devices

To view a device’s details, click the device image or image placeholder. If hovered over, you will see “View Details”:

View Device Details

Device Detail View

This view provides high-level generation capacity, certification overview and smart meter readings for a single device.

Device details fields are dependent on implementation needs. The following is an overview of the fields provided in the reference implementation:

Reference Implementation Fields for Device Details

Device Overview

Device Overview Fields

Field Data
Certified MW MWh of generation already certified
Nameplate Capacity Maximum generation capacity in MW
Certified by Registry The registration body that issues the device’s Energy Attribute Certificate(s) (i.e. IREC)
To Be Certified Generation in MWh Pending certification
Other green attributes For example, labels associated with the device like EKOenergy
Public Support Any financial subsidies (e.g., feed-in-tariff) received by the generating asset from the government or other public institution
Commercial Operation Date Date of first commercial operation

Device Owner and Location Details

Device Location Fields

Field Data
Device Owner Organization ID of device owner
Device Location Country flag indicator, region, city, state
Coordinates Geographic coordinates of device
Lat Long Longitude, latitude of device
Smart Meter Readings

Smart Meter Readings

Use this interface to select a timeframe to view the device’s meter reading values in MWh.