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Running all the components with docker compose

There are following docker compose files provided to run origin stack based on the latest canary versions of NPM packages:

  • Vanilla Origin version with a custom Device Registry (origin.local.yml)
  • I-REC compliant Origin version (origin.local.irec.yml)

All compose files require docker images to be built locally.

Building docker images locally


Make sure you completed Getting started in order to install and build Origin monorepo.

  • Check out the latest code from the Origin repository
  • Execute the following commands from the code folder to build the codebase:
rush update
rush build #in case of errors it is necessary to execute rush rebuild
  • Build docker images

    shell yarn build:containers:canary

Start chosen stack

To start chosen stack, for example I-REC compliant Origin, execute the following:

docker-compose -f origin.local.yml up -d

-d option detaches your terminal from docker compose logs, to see them, execute:

docker-compose -f origin.local.yml logs -f

Stopping the stack

to stop the stack without loosing data, execute

docker-compose -f origin.local.yml down

by adding -v option you will also delete all volumes linked to this stack and loose all data

Possible collisions

If you experiment and run multiple stacks, you can use -p <stack name> option to name your stacks. Docker compose prefixes service names with it. Otherwise folder name is used as a name of a stack.