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Register Device

UI Components

Use this interface to register a new device under your organization. Note that registered device details are public once the device is approved by the Issuer.

Device Information

My Devices

Device Information Fields

Field Data
Facility Name Input name of generating device
Fuel Type Pre-populated dropdown of generator fuel types (or energy source). Select one.
Device Type Pre-populated dropdown of device types for a given fuel type (or energy source). Data is based on selected Fuel Type. Select one.
Commercial Operation Date Select date of device’s first commercial operation
Registration Date Select date of device registration in I-REC marketplace
Grid Operator Dropdown of grid operators in a given marketplace. Select one.
Smart Meter Readings API ID
Description Device and its impact description

Device Location

Device Location Fields

Device Location Fields

Field Data
Region Pre-populated dropdown of device location’s region. Select one.
Subregion Pre-populated dropdown of device location’s sub-region (data is based on selected Region). Select one.
Postal Code Input device location’s postal code.
Address Input device location’s street address.
Latitude Input device location’s longitude string.
Longitude Input device location’s latitude string.

Device Images

Upload .png or .img files of device. Note that this step is optional.