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Used to manage the request/approve workflow for issuing ERC-1888 certificates.

initialize(uint256 _certificateTopic, address _registry) (public)


Uses the OpenZeppelin initializer for upgradeability. _registry cannot be the zero address.

setPrivateIssuer(address _privateIssuer) (public)

Attaches a private issuance contract to this issuance contract.

_privateIssuer cannot be the zero address.

getCertificationRequest(uint256 _requestId) → struct Issuer.CertificationRequest (public)

requestCertificationFor(bytes _data, address _owner) → uint256 (public)

requestCertificationForBatch(bytes[] _data, address[] _owners) → uint256[] (public)

requestCertification(bytes _data) → uint256 (external)

revokeRequest(uint256 _requestId) (external)

revokeCertificate(uint256 _certificateId) (external)

approveCertificationRequest(uint256 _requestId, uint256 _value) → uint256 (public)

approveCertificationRequestBatch(uint256[] _requestIds, uint256[] _values) → uint256[] (public)

issue(address _to, uint256 _value, bytes _data) → uint256 (public)

Directly issue a certificate without going through the request/approve procedure manually.

issueBatch(address[] _to, uint256[] _values, bytes[] _data) → uint256[] (public)

Directly issue a batch of certificates without going through the request/approve procedure manually.

mint(address _to, uint256 _certificateId, uint256 _volume) (external)

Mint more volume to existing certificates

isRequestValid(uint256 _requestId) → bool (external)

Validation for certification requests.

Used by other contracts to validate the token. _requestId has to be an existing ID.

getRegistryAddress() → address (external)

getPrivateIssuerAddress() → address (external)

version() → string (external)

_requestNotApprovedOrRevoked(uint256 _requestId) → bool (internal)

_authorizeUpgrade(address) (internal)

Needed for OpenZeppelin contract upgradeability.

Allow only to the owner of the contract.

CertificationRequested(address _owner, uint256 _id)

CertificationRequestedBatch(address operator, address[] _owners, uint256[] _id)

CertificationRequestApproved(address _owner, uint256 _id, uint256 _certificateId)

CertificationRequestBatchApproved(address operator, address[] _owners, uint256[] _ids, uint256[] _certificateIds)

CertificationRequestRevoked(address _owner, uint256 _id)

CertificateRevoked(uint256 _certificateId)

CertificateVolumeMinted(address _owner, uint256 _certificateId, uint256 _volume)


address owner

bytes data

bool approved

bool revoked

address sender